About Me

I was born and bred in Singapore. In my early teens, my family moved to Australia with dreams of moving into a home they had designed and built themselves. Instead, they were put through a torturous process by the worst kind of builder - missed timelines, shoddy work and ultimately a house half-built. It was the stuff urban myths are made of. Seeing the incredible frustration that my parents faced is what made me decide to go into construction - I knew first-hand how much it meant to people to feel they could trust their plans to someone and to know that they were in safe hands.

After high school I moved back to serve for two years in the Singapore Defence Force and part of my training was managing logistics and supplies for a squadron of 200 men at an early age. Being given so much responsibility in the role as a Unit Logistics Officer taught me the importance of time management, attention to detail and the critical importance of relationships. This early exposure to project management in a high-pressured environment ensured I was well placed for cutting my teeth in the construction industry in Sydney for the next five years. Soon I wanted to provide that personal touch for my clients and I struck out to start By Design Projects.  

Today, I love what I do. I love meeting people to hear about what they'd love to create and take pride in seeing my clients' dreams materialise into beautiful but functional spaces. I am passionate about delivering sustainable projects, fine craftsmanship and seeing designs that creatively work with whatever space and site constraints while maintaining architectural intent.

In my spare time I love cooking, playing soccer and hiking (ask me about my recent Kokoda experience!).