About Us


Founded in Sydney in 2012, By Design Projects is a well-respected boutique design and construction firm specialising in construction, fit-outs and refurbishments in the commercial, hospitality and retail spaces.

We believe in helping people realise their creative vision.  A lot of people have a sense of what they would like their cafe or office to feel like to their customers or clients or how they would like their store to fit into a particular space, but they are not sure how to get there.  We have a team of professional staff with a wealth of expertise and experience to advise and guide you along the way in all the micro-decisions, to ensure that your back-of-the-envelope sketch materialises into a well-executed reality.

We believe in close management throughout the process, in ensuring care is taken in every detail and no short cuts are attempted.  We believe in delivering projects on time.  Over the years, we have kept our word on commissions from small, budget conscious projects to large and ambitious commercial investments.  Our experience includes projects with corporations such as Apple, Telstra, Gloria Jeans Coffee and Dick Smith.

We believe in a durable, functional and quality end product satisfied clients can rely on for years to come.  We believe in spaces that are tailored to suit not only your aesthetic, but serve your needs going far into the future.  We believe this is what builds the trust that is foundational to long-term relationships with our clients.



More than just Project Management


We understand that differing projects have differing constraints ranging from time restraints, an unconventional design or a tight budget and approach each project from our client’s perspective and apply our experience and integrated solutions across the entire process such as:

  • Fit-Out Design & Design Management
  • Contract Administration
  • On-Site Project Management
  • Development Application (DA), Council Submissions and Statutory Approvals
  • Tender Selection, Cost Planning and Estimating
  • Bill of Quantities

Delivery methods are tailored to specifically suit client, project and scope of works and we offer the following services:

  • Design and Construct
  • Project Management
  • Lump Sum, tendered and negotiated
  • Cost Plus


cafe by uel & shanelle lim

Cafe serving up a mix of light foods influenced by Japanese, Korean, Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. 



Lashings is a family business with over 25 years of experience in the food and catering industry. They take pride in using only the best quality ingredients with great taste and value.


Original Mattress Factory


Mattress retailer focusing in providing high quality mattresses at affordable price.



fashion retailer

Australia's leading fashion brand for fast, affordable fashion with sizes ranging from 8-22. There is an outfit for every occasion, ensuring that you get the latest look without the expensive price tag.

Dundas Valley Medical Centre

Medical Centre


Upper Room

Restaurant and Cafe